No matter where you are in your career as an Enrolled Agent, there is going to be a time when you need support in your practice, and there is no better place to get that support than from your colleagues in NBEA.  The NBEA is a group of people who are top notch in their profession and go out of their way to help others in the Chapter succeed.

Thinking about buying your own practice?

Thinking about retiring?

Want to hire employees?

Want to start doing more entity returns?

Thinking about diving into audit representation?

Want to handle a Cannabis return?

Someone else in the group has done that and is happy to help you!

When you join and participate in the Chapter, you build a trusted network of colleagues and friends who are there to support you and in turn you are there to support them.

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For me, membership in NBEA is all about community. I was hooked from my first dinner meeting over a decade ago – everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming. Over the years I have built countless friendships and felt like I finally found my village. NBEA is a community of people who understand better than our families ever could what it’s like to live through tax season. Our community is built on camaraderie, cooperation and collaboration – note the absence of competition. EA’s know there’s plenty of work to go around and we want all of our members to succeed and to embody our tagline that we are America’s Tax Experts!

Michelle Tanner, EA

True professionals are a part of professional organizations where they have a sense of belonging and a desire to contribute. Our Association is a channel through which I can contribute to the taxpayer community. There are more situations than I can count where I sought out other members more experienced in a specific situation than I was, and each member cheerfully gave me the guidance I needed. This has made my business and my service to my clients substantially better than would be otherwise.

Richard Ogg, EA, CFS, NSSA