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When you join NBEA, you are joining a professional association that operates on a local, state and national level.


Member benefits include:
  • Being a part of a highly respected professional organization that is well known across all tax agencies
  • Engagement with a group of very smart, successful and welcoming Enrolled Agents
  • High quality education at a discounted member price
  • Access to a wealth of real-time news and information about our industry so you stay on the cutting edge
  • Scholarships to become an EA or for advanced study of your practice. Scholarship info is available for CSEA  and NAEA
  • Discounts on E&O insurance, software, and tax publications
  • Practice management and promotional tools

Our membership is a dual membership model where members get to join the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the California Society of Enrolled Agents (CSEA).

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“I started a practice from scratch in Mendocino, California, about as remote a place as possible. The NAEA WebBoard [now the NAEA Facebook page] was a lifeline for me. Highly informed and educated professionals were willing to share their time and expertise with any of us less informed and educated members. The participants on the WebBoard were very welcoming and incredibly beneficial. The North Bay Chapter saw my participation on the Board and reached out, welcomed me, and encouraged me to become part of its leadership. When I became North Bay President, I attended the CSEA President’s Workshop. Dave Shaw, the new CSEA President welcomed me and encouraged all the Chapter Presidents to become involved with CSEA Leadership. That year’s Nominating Committee nominated me for 2nd Vice President, and three years later I completed my term as President of CSEA. The reason I go into all this is that being welcomed is very, very powerful. By being welcomed, the Society got a very engaged and involved member contributing at the local, state and National level and in turn I was able to build my practice, build an extensive network and enjoy life-time friendships. ‘This shall be a place of welcome for all’ is a mantra that is truly embodied by our Association.”

Raven Deerwater, EA PhD

“I was one of the Charter members of the Chapter and have been renewing my membership for over 40 years. The Chapter gives me a chance for networking, timely and quality education, is a great source for programs and supplies for my business, and I’ve made lifelong friends. What could be better?

Roland Carr, EA